Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tampere English Playschool and Discovery Museum

More than a decade ago, Shawn Rizzo started an English Playschool in Tampere when there were none.  She was the pioneer in introducing English education to 3+yr olds with "playing" as the main motive behind teaching.  Her International Early Education Center is a fun place for children while getting exposed to not just English language but different cultures and stories and innovative play techniques. 

I had the opportunity to meet her earlier this year and it so happens she is also from California but settled here for a while:).  Later since I mentioned to her about the museum, she has been giving not just moral support but also practical advice when it comes to business and share contacts. 

Last week while we were talking about the progress of the museum and sponsorships, she gracefully offered to sponsor a great exhibit for the children.  The exhibit's main audience is 1-6yr old children and suits our mutual belief of mixing "play and learn".  Thank you Shawn for your generosity. 

Ofcourse we will post more details as the exhibit gets designed and built....stay tuned...

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  1. That's terrific, Sheela! I can't wait to hear/see more about it.