Thursday, September 3, 2009

you know you like a museum when..

you catch yourself talking about a particular museum to 3 different people in the same day:)  Today, in different meetings, I mentioned the Tom Tits Experiment ( thrice and how great it is...It does have a great collection of experiments for kids of all ages.  And the great thing is  they give you a book with all the great experiments with a picture and description not only to guide you through them during the visit but also to take home and remember. I haven't seen any other museum do that and I think that's the coolest thing.

while I talked about Tom Tits thrice, the only other museum I talk about (apart from Discovery Museum of Tampere ofcourse) is The Exploratorium in San Francisco.  Lot of science museums around the world including ours used/will use their proven recipes for exhibit building.  And they have the most amazing online presence including great resources for teachers. 

With such great museums to inspire, I am sure Discovery Museum of Tampere will become childrens favorite place locally..

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