Friday, September 11, 2009

CEB conference yesterday

I was at the CEB conference in Helsinki yesterday.  Presented my paper titled "Play and Learn" (ofcourse following our tagline) and talks about early age exploration and getting children interested in science fields through exploration and a little about how technology should be used as a tool rather than a way of life (for children ofcourse).  I think the paper is going to be published online on their website soon and as proceedings in a couple of months.

Didn't realize I will be the first presenter for the morning session:)  The time got shortened 17 minutes with questions at the end of all presentations.  I talked for the first 10 minutes about early age exploration and why its important and got little time left to talk about Discovery Museum.  I missed most of School age children (middle school and high school) part of the presentation but overall it went good. 

And its the first public statement about opening a discovery museum in Tampere. Yay!!!

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