Monday, March 8, 2010

Brio, Klein bottles and Dinosaur bones

What do all of them have in common?  None what so ever.  Just wanted to update on those three exhibits that are in progress.  Brio (Thank you Ms.Kati) very graciously sent us lot of tracks and trains for the 3meter long Finland train table.  We painted it this weekend and today its standing on its legs!!!  Just a little more painting and gluing the tracks left before trains can make their way all around the country.  Dont know about kids but I can't wait to play with it (I mean try it out).

We found some really cool Klein bottles and ofcourse had to get one along with one that is sliced in the middle to show how it really does look like a Mobius strip.  This company is in Oakland Ca.  When the order went in, the confirmation email came with a note:

"A reasonably intelligent (well, not overtly stupid) person (namely me) will read everything over before filling your order.  I won't charge your credit card until I actually box up your Klein Bottles and they're ready to go out the door." 

Never recieved such a funny note in an order confirmation email.  Once the order got shipped, got another email with another funny yet memorable note saying he just came back from a bike ride to the postoffice mailing the stuff.  and in the end of the note was

"I dinged your credit card for USD$xxx.  And in case you collect digits, the credit card authorization ticket is xxxxx".

 And the literature they included with the Klein bottle was equally funny and special.  Thank you Cliff for making the whole deal a fun exercise.  We can tell you love your work!!.    Haven't seen such a sense of humor in product sales and as promised the Klein bottle is awesome.

Did I mention we are also building a 3.5meter long T-rex wooden puzzle?  each piece is light enough for even a 3yr old to hold yet the details Richard put in are amazing.  As usual, I got to paint the pieces and the paint we used have a very nice texture. 

I wonder if I am giving away all the surprises!!!  Nah! there's plenty left:)  have a good week everyone


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