Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another successful event at Ideapark

Yesterday we were at ideapark.  We took last time's favorites - Bernoulli blower, trains and Fun flystick.  We added the "Chinese Spouting Bowl" and "Theramin" to the list.  Richard also set up a Microphone for kids to sing and set up the amplifier such a way the output sounds quite funny.  All the exhibits have been a blast and was a good mixture for little ones to adults.  Theramin is the only musical instrument in the world that's played by  not touching it.  It was quite fun watching the children just wave the hands and giggle when its makes sounds.

Most of the visitors succeeded in  making the water "jump" with the Chinese Spouting bowl.  But we forgot the camera so don't have any pictures to add to the blog:( 

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