Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blast from the past...

Almost 4 years after we closed the museum, put together an album to share pictures of the's a link if you want to see them... Museum is closed but I am still working on getting kids interested in Science except now I am doing it from California.  Still have ties in Finland and do projects with the IB high school in Tampere and still act as a science advisor for English play school there but most of my work is based out of my home in San Jose, CA.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last chance to see........ Mega Science Show

This weekend marks our final science show at the Discovery Museum of Tampere - No glum faces - not us!!! - instead we've decided to go out in fine style with a Mega science show, with all of our favourite experiments from previous shows, and a few more besides, everything from Balloon Fun, High Flying Rockets, Cool fun with Dry-Ice, Hair-raising Static Electricity - Oh and watch out for the Giant fizzy drink Geyser fountains - you have been warned!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Tänä viikonloppuna Tiedemuseossa tehdään tieteellisiä kokeita ruoka-aineilla jotka löytyvät jokaisen keittiöstä. Paistamme väriään muuttavia kananmunia, paikallaan leijuvia kuplia, kirjoitamme näkymättömällä musteella, teemme juustoa ja muuta hubaa.Tämä on viimeisiä tiede-esityksiä joten älä missaa vaan... tuu messiin!

Don't play with your food.....experiment!!! - Kitchen science this weekend at the Discovery Museum of Tampere

This weekend we'll be doing all kinds of fun experiments with food and cooking ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen at home -
We'll be showing amazing colour changing eggs, floating bubbles, secret invisible spy ink, how to make your own cheese, and much more!
This is one you really won't want to miss, so come on down and join the fun!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

hold on to your hats - prepare for take off

This weekend we will have our aerodynamics science show here at the Discovery Museum of Tampere. We will be exploring the four main forces in aerodynamics with experiments and demonstrations for each. We're going to have a lot of fun, so get your helmet and goggles on and fly on down for the show!!!!

After the main show, everyone will get a chance to make different kinds of paper aeroplanes, and fly them in our great aeroplane competition. Thanks to Alex at we have lots of designs for you to try from easy to challenging! - check his website there are many more! - Helpoja, hauskoja lennokkeja.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lennokkitempaus Pyynikin näköalatornilla!

Pyynikin näköalatornista lentää Tiedemuseon pääsylippuja!

Järjestämme perjantaina 23.7. klo 14.00 tempauksen, jossa heitämme Pyynikin näköalatornista paperiliidokkeja ja helikoptereita. Lennokit sisältää rahanarvoisen yllätyksen; joko alennetun tai ilmaisen pääsylipun Leilahdessa sijaitsevaan Tiedemuseoon.

Tule Pyynikin näköalatornille ajoissa ja nappaa ilmasta omasi!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blast Off... Again!!!

Hi, hopefully everyone had a great midsummer - Two weeks ago we had so much fun with rocket science, that we've decided to run the same show again this week - so if you missed it then, because of midsummer preparations - don't miss out a second time - Countdown 10...9...8...7........