Thursday, June 10, 2010

Radio tulee museoon!

Viikonloppuna (12.-13.6.) Tiedemuseossa tutustutaan radiolähetyksen saloihin. Miten radio toimii ja miten se keksittiin. Miten voit rakentaa itse radion helpoista materiaaleista? Saammeko yhteyden muihin radioamatööreihin? Tule mukaan! Esitys klo 14.00.

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  1. This is part of our guest lecture series. Mr. Pekka Ritam... See Moreäki who will be holding the show is an Amateur Radio specialist (along with other hobbies and professions). Apart from writing lots of technical articles, the set up in Pyynniki Nakatorni with video transmission is quite impressive. We have been working with Mr. Pekka in building an exhibit for the museum. And once one of us get HAM radio license, we can install a transciever and also arrange classes for children who are interested in getting a license.