Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One month old museum and people behind it

I can't believe its been already more than a month since we opened!!.  People who see the museum and ask me how this all started atleast get my side of the story... But all that vision and dreams wouldn't have become real if not for a few people.  Marko who is basically the other side of me, Luova Tampere folks - especially Liina, people from Ensimetri, Nordea, designers and vendors from across the world to name a few helped make this dream real.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are two other people who not only played a key role in getting this place open, they also are the reason we can run the museum smoothly inspite of new things get thrown at us from time to time...These two are my team members Richard and Junnu.  They are allrounders - they give awesome new science shows that even little children can relate to every weekend, give extra special attention and science demonstrations for field trips, maintain our exhibits to make sure they are all safe and fun, take care of customers as they come in, keep the museum well maintained (in other words clean as well), make birthday parties fun and special and still manage to bring out 1-2 new exhibits in a week or two!!!  I would like to acknowledge their effort and thank them for deciding to come work with me at the museum..Richard with his "we have to make sure every exhibit is safe enough for even a 3 yr old no matter what the target audience actually is" and Junnu  with his "if it helps the museum, lets do it no matter what the effort is", are the best team I can hope for.  If only I could do a better job at marketing we will be on a roll haha:)

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