Friday, April 9, 2010

We are officially open

Yay!!! After years of planning and months of working and weeks of sleepless nights in building and setting up, we finally opened doors today welcoming 120 children.  It was awesome seeing so many kids playing and excited about the exhibits.  Forgot the camera in the museum so can't post pictures tonight but...we had radio and tv coverage today!!  Here's the coverage in regional news on TV2  It starts about 5 minutes into the news. 

And here's nice article on YLE/tampere website  with pictures of some of the exhibits.

Although in the afternoon, we had much smaller group, we started the Science show.  Richard showed fun experiments with Dry Ice, balloons and much more tying each experiment with the previous...Can't give out too much as we are going to have one tomorrow at 11:30am as well!! 

We have a few kinks to clear up and hoping the credit card machine will work tomorrow but other than that...we have a great day planned for tomorrow with Flying Circus coming in.  We dont' have a full fledged cafeteria but we will have some sandwiches, pullas, coffee, tea and juice to purchase.

more tomorrow...

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